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Sierra Medical's Hybrid Operating Room Has El Paso's First Robotic System for Heart-Valve Replacements

Sierra Medical's Hybrid Operating Room Has El Paso's First Magellan Robotic System for Heart-Valve Replacements & State-of-the-Art OR Infrastructure from SKYTRON

Sierra Medical Center in El Paso, TX recently unveiled the hospital's $5 million Hybrid Operating Room. This new Hybrid OR is the most expensive room in the entire hospital network.

One of the most advanced features of the new hybrid operating room will be the Magellan Robotic endovascular system, which will allow heart-related surgery procedures without cutting patients open. The room also has a Siemens Zeego robotic 3-D imaging system that displays arteries and heart chambers to diagnose problems. Sierra is only 1 of 7 hospitals in US to have a Magellan robotic catheter system

In addition, the infrastructure of the Hybrid Operating Suite is full of innovative technologies from SKYTRON. These state-of-the-art technologies include SKYTRON's new all fiber optic LINX-300 video integration system, LED surgical lights, a VACS system (Video Archive Communication System), surgical equipment booms, and a 55" High-Def digital surgical display.

These advanced surgical technologies make the Sierra Medical Center's Hybrid OR one of the most well equipped and surgically advanced procedure rooms in the world.

The new room at Sierra Medical Center is called a Hybrid Operating Room because it allows patients with heart and blood vessel problems to undergo tests in the same room where surgery will be performed.

Dr. Mohammad Laiq Raja, an El Paso cardiologist, said the Hybrid Operating Room with the Magellan system will allow heart valves to be replaced through a small catheter rather than through open-heart surgery.

It will allow elderly patients and others who can't endure open-heart surgery to have valve replacements, he said. It also will allow other heart-related procedures not possible before, he said.

"In the long run, procedures will cost less to do," Lowe said. "What's good for patients is good for business."