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The consultants from J.M. Keckler Medical Company offer assistance with the design, development, and equipment selection for Hybrid Operating Rooms. Our Hybrid Operating Room experts offer over 100+ years of experience in the development of high-tech surgical suites.

Hybrid Operating Room Consulting by J.M. Keckler Medical's Hybrid OR Specialists.

The formula for success in a Hybrid Operating Room is complex and specific to each institution. However, the inputs are constant, comprising imaging and display technology, lighting, carts and staffing resources. Thorough planning and goal-setting, coupled with painstaking attention to detail throughout the process, can go a long way toward setting the stage for success.


Please contact us directly to learn more about our 100+ years of combined experience designing, building, and implementing high-tech surgical suites. Our Hybrid OR experts are standing by to assist you with whatever your needs may be whether it is initial research into budgeting, exploring potential layouts for a new Hybrid OR at your hospital, or you simply want to learn more about the exciting and constantly evolving Hybrid Operating Room environment. Call, email, text, whatever works best, we are here to help! There are no obligations or costs associated with our services.

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Before planning a Hybrid OR, a clear vision for the utilization of this special procedural area should be established. Consideration for what procedures will be performed, how often, and by whom will help identify key stakeholders in the planning and design process. Whereas one specialty, such as Cardiac Surgery, may lead the design team, other specialties, such as Trauma, Orthopedic, Urology, Vascular, Neurology, and Gynecology, may also be interested and should be involved in the process of developing this hybrid suite.

A multidisciplinary team is key to success and will require representatives from hospital Administration, Engineering, Architects, Nursing, Anesthesia, Surgeons of various disciplines, Interventionalists, the Radiology Technologists who will be running the imaging equipment, and Cardiac Perfusionists. Careful planning may take up to one year and will include considerations for ROOM LOCATION, ROOM SIZE, ROOM LAYOUT, EQUIPMENT & TECHNOLOGY, SUPPLY STORAGE, ROOM ACCESS & SCHEDULING, and STAFFING & TRAINING. Cost will be of concern as the expense for a Hybrid Suite ranges between $3 and $9 million depending on the factors mentioned above and more.

J.M. Keckler Medical Company and its team of Hybrid Operating Room Specialists offer a turn-key solution to help you with the design, construction, equipment selection, and implementation of your Hybrid Operating Suite. We look forward to helping you in whatever way we can serve you best, whether it be on a short consultative basis or with a full turn-key Hybrid Suite development.

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Hybrid Operating Room Consulting by J.M. Keckler Medical Company

Hybrid Operating Room Consulting by J.M. Keckler Medical Company

J.M. Keckler Medical Co. - Hybrid Operating Room Consultants

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