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Sentara Hearts's Hybrid Vascular Operating Room

Sentara  Norfolk General  Hospital has  opened  a  new high-tech  operating room  with  the  latest technology  that  is saving  and  improving lives  of  people  with vascular  disease.   This  Hybrid  Vascular OR  (operating  room) is  the  first  of  its  kind in  southeast  Virginia. Surgeons and Cardiologists at Sentara Heart Hospital are first to begin enrolling and performing trial cases in the AtriCure DEEP AF feasibility trial. The first procedure in the country was performed in a new, state-of-the-art hybrid operating room at Sentara Heart Hospital.

“Hybrid”  simply  means  combining  different  components  together.   That’s  the  concept  for  developing  the Hybrid  Vascular  OR.  Advanced  imaging  equipment  is  combined  with  the technology  used  for  less  invasive vascular  procedures  and  the  surgical technology  required  for  more  invasive, open  surgeries  to  create  one  operating  room  where  vascular  surgeons can  perform  the  full  range  of  vascular treatments  –  from  simple  to  complex.

Hybrid Vascular Operating Room - Philips Allura FD20 & Skytron LED Surgical Lights

Hybrid Vascular Operating Room - Philips Allura FD20 & Skytron LED Surgical Lights

This  uniquely  designed  operating room  is  much  larger  than  most.    The fully-equipped  sterile  operating room  coupled  with  the  skills  of  the board  certified  fellowship-trained vascular  surgeons  and the  vascular-trained technicians  and  nurses, makes  it  possible  for  a seamless  conversion  from  a  minimally invasive  procedure  to  an  open  surgery, should  the  need  arise. The  Hybrid  Vascular  OR  offers  lifesaving  advantages  for  people  suffering with  vascular  disease.  The hybrid surgical environemnt allows cardiac surgeons to work more collaboratively with cardiologists, in real time, to offer the greatest depth and breadth of cardiac services in one location.

The  Hybrid  Vascular  OR  also allows surgeons  to  perform  less  invasive surgery  for  more  people  who  have complex  vascular  conditions  that can  lead  to  loss  of  circulation,  heart failure  and  even  death,  including:

  • Blockages  or  clots  in  veins  or  arteries
  • Abnormal  narrowing  or  bulging arteries  (thoracic  aortic  aneurysms, abdominal  aortic  aneurysms)

High  resolution  X-ray    and  CT imaging  gives  vascular  surgeons  the ability  to  see  in  unprecedented  detail what  needs  to  be  repaired.

The Hybrid Vascular Operating Room is equipped the latest advanced technologies such as the Philips FD20 CT systems and ceiling mounted LED Surgical Lights and Equipment Booms from Skytron.

The DEEP AF trial, which received approval from the Food and Drug Administration in September 2010, is designed to evaluate the safety and efficacy of a dual epicardial/endocardial procedure (DEEP), or hybrid procedure, to treat atrial fibrillation patients with persistent and long-standing persistent atrial fibrillation. Sentara Heart Hospital is one of only six national centers awarded participation in this pivotal trial. Other medical centers included are Stanford Medical Center, Vanderbilt Heart Institute, University of Virginia, Texas Heart and Baylor.