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Hybrid OR: Cutting Edge Surgical Technology & Advanced Imaging in One Room

Skytron Surgical Lights with Siemens Zeego Angiography System

Vascular surgeons from Susquehanna Health’s Heart & Vascular Institute, utilized the new, state of the art hybrid operating room for the first time on Tuesday, June 26.

The vascular surgeons performed an iliac stent surgery, a vascular surgery technique done to the iliac artery (the two major arteries coming from the aorta that carry blood to the groin and legs). An iliac stent is inserted into a blocked artery in order to widen and open the vessel and maintain blood flow to the groin and legs.

The new hybrid OR, located in Susquehanna Tower at Williamsport Regional Medical Center, is an operating room which has permanently integrated diagnostic imaging equipment. This allows physicians to treat more complex aneurysms and other vascular cases. Traditional open and minimally invasive procedures can be done in the same room, reducing patient transport, shortening the length of procedures and providing better outcomes.  The operating room theatre is a combination of Skytron LED surgical lights, Skytron equipment and gas delivery booms, and the Siemens Zeego angiography system. 

Susquehanna Health’s hybrid OR has an “Artis zeego,” a multi-axis system which has a robotic arm that can move to almost any location on the patient. With Artis zeego, physicians can see internal organs from various angles in precise detail. According to Dr. Adams, “the hybrid OR with the Artis zeego is a quantum leap in imaging, allowing the surgeon to perform complex procedures with significantly less radiation for the patient.” 

 “We are excited to have this advanced capability available for our patients; having the highest quality imaging available in an OR setting allows us to apply the right technique at the right time without any slow-down in the procedure,” said Dr. Adams. “I believe patients, surgeons and the whole operative team will be very impressed with this system.” 

Susquehanna Health - Hybrid Operating Room with Skytron Surgical Lights & Skytron Equipment Booms